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    TEMPUR-PEDIC Rebates and Promos



    TEMPUR-Flex 10116130 Supreme Full Mattress
    TEMPUR-Flex 10116150-TEMP/FLEX-SUP-QUEEN Supreme Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Flex 10117130-TEMPUR-FLEX-ELITE-FUL Elite Full Mattress
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15300421 15300421 Neck Pill/qu/med/pro4
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15440121 Soft And Lofty Pillow
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15440125 Cloud Soft & Lofty King Pillow
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15440221 Soft & Conforming Queen Pillow
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15440225 Soft & Comforming King Pillow
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15440321 Cloud Dual Breeze Queen Pillow with Extra cooling Comfort
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15440325 Cloud Breeze King Pillow with Extra cooling Comfort
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15451115 Contour Side To Side Pillow
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15452115 Contour Side & Back Pillow
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15453115 Side To Side Breeze Pillow with Extra cooling Comfort
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713110 Twin Certified Matt Protector
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713120 Twnxl Certified Matt Protector
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713130 Full Certified Matt Protector
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713150 Queen Certified Matt Protector
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713170 King Certified Matt Protector
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713180 Cal/k Certified Matt Protector
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 45713190 Split Cal/k Mattress Protector
    TEMPUR-Flex 10115250 Prima Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Flex 10117150-TEMPUR-FLEX-ELITE-QUE Elite Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Cloud 10237150-CLOUD-PRIMA-QUEEN Prima Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Contour 10258120-CONT/RHAPS/LUXE/LONTW Rhapsody Luxe Twin XL Mattress
    TEMPUR-Cloud 10245250-CLOUD-LUXE-QUEEN Luxe Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Contour 10258150-CONTOUR-RHAPS/LUXE/QU Rhapsody Lux Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Cloud 10240250-CLOUD-SUPREME-QUEEN Supreme Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-Contour 10256150-CONTOUR-SUPREME-QUEEN Supreme Queen Mattress
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 10187120 10187120 Tempur Legacy Twinxl
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 10187150 10187150 Tempur Legacy Queen
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 10187190 10187190 Tempur Legacy Spl/cal
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15371170-ADAPT-PROLOW-PILLOW-K Adapt PRO Low King Pillow with Cooling infused cover
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15372170-ADAPT-PROMID-PILLOW-K Adapt PRO Mid King Pillow with Cooling infused cover
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25558130-FULL-ERGO-ADJ-BASE Ergo Full Adjustable Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25558160-SPL-QUEEN-ERGO-ADJBAS Ergo Split Queen Adj. Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15371150-ADAPT-PROLOW-PILLOW-Q Adapt PRO Low Queen Pillow with Cooling infused cover
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15372150-ADAPT-PROMID-PILLOW-Q Adapt PRO Mid Queen Pillow with Cooling infused cover
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25558120-TWINXL-ERG0-ADJ-BASE Ergo Twinxl Adjustable Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25558190-CAL/K-ERGO-ADJ-BASE Ergo Cal/king Adjustable Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25559120-TWINXL-ERGO-EXTEND Ergo Extend Twinxl Adj. Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25558150-QUEEN-ERGO-ADJ-BASE Ergo Queen Adjustable Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25559150-QUEEN-ERGO-EXTEND-ADJ Ergo Extend Queen Adj. Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 25559190-CAL/K-ERGO-EXTEND-ADJ Ergo Extend Cal/king Adj. Base
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15373150-ADAPT-PROHI-PILLOW-Q Adapt PRO Hi Queen Pillow with Cooling infused cover
    TEMPUR-PEDIC 15373170-ADAPT-PROHI-PILLOW/K Adapt PRO Hi Pillow King with Cooling infused cover

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